Zimele's main projects for 2019

Education for life STAR SUPPORT GROUP

The Education for Life Centre, Eldoret Kenya, aims at promoting attitude change in order to reduce the stigma of HIV and Aids and other addictive behaviours among the 300 adult clients of the centre. The centre also helps other vulnerable groups such as youth, orphans, street children and prisoners. Zimele funds empower clients with skills for economic independence such as tailoring and bead making, helps provide ongoing psychosocial support, and provides medication and nutrition for those suffering from HIV. Zimele also funds scholarships for students whose parents cannot afford the school fees. The outcome will be improved livelihood and positive living.
This region of Kenya is cosmopolitan and has high poverty levels partly due to the continued post-election violence in the area.



Turmoil from the ongoing civil war in South Sudan continues in the region but the STAR project goes on. This is an agency to work with the very many victims of HIV/AIDS left in the region by 30 years of war. The clients or those suffering have what is essentially self-help groups which are aided by the agency with counselling, medicinal drugs and arrangements for orphaned children. Recent successes have included the formation of the advisory board that helps to strategise the project activities and monitors the project progress; the prophylaxis supply has been assured through some other agencies; and the sponsorship of the orphan children has been achieved by seeking for funding from some more donor agencies.

A tailoring project began as a capacity building project with an aim of making the beneficiaries self-reliant rather than depending on the project for their livelihood. The project is in a pilot state of initiating a micro-finance project for mostly women to become self-sustainable in terms of building their capacity to be self-employed in their own homes.

The project has benefited from the United Nations Mission in South Sudan in organizing child protection policy workshops, the right of freedom of expression, speech, right to health, applied technology in how to reduce, reuse and recycle waste materials with an aim of conserving the environment.  The Mission does a monitoring and evaluation on the trainings they have carried out.

A total of 1522 people living with HIV/AIDS have benefited from free supply of prophylaxis, nutrition support and awareness workshops. The 130 orphan children in the STAR program have been well equipped with knowledge of child rights and child protection policies.

The clients on anti-retroviral have greatly benefited from the nutrition support the project provides to the bedridden clients.


Brother Beausang

The Brother Beausang Primary and Secondary School in Embul-Bul, Nairobi, Kenya. Over many years Zimele has directly funded micro- projects at the school. In 2017 Zimele has made arrangements so that the majority of these projects will be funded by outside sources to Zimele, with the sporting/cultural exchange to remain being funded by Zimele. This will enable Zimele to direct funds to desperately needed areas in South Sudan and Eldoret. Zimele continues to hold a strong relationship with Brother Beausand School and will monitor this transition period closely to ensure these projects continue.