In many ways the annual East African Immersion is the heartbeat of Zimele, in that it establishes a close personal link between the supporters of Zimele and the African ministries and
communities they support each year.


The first immersion was in 2009 and there has been an immersion each year since then. The group visit ministries in Nairobi and Eldoret in Kenya, and in Arusha, Tanzania.


An average group of about 16 participants includes Tom Purcell and John Mount as leaders, staff and parents from St Kevin’s and other participating colleges and year 13 students. Participants attend two sessions before the immersions which prepare them for what is a most rewarding but also a confronting experience.


The immersion is an opportunity to let our African brothers and sisters know that we care for them, that we respect their wishes and their expectations and that we are happy to walk with them on their journey to improve their living standards and their general sense of well-being.


The whole idea is to help them help themselves, to avoid merely giving out money and hand-outs. The Christian Brothers are doing this through education in Nairobi, and in Arusha, and are focusing on helping the beneficiaries help themselves through a variety of projects including micro-financing.  This is Zimele’s mission, to walk in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Africa.

Past Immersion Reflections

Zimele immersion particpant Xavier Vale reflects on a day at the Education for Life Centre in Eldoret on the 2013 Zimele immersion.